Damian Carlisle

An astronomer touched by darkness from beyond the stars


Damian Carlisle typically conceals himself between a heavy robe, hood, and gloves to avoid people staring at him. Without the concealing robes, his skin is a dark red color, his eyes are beginning to turn black, and he is growing a pair of short horns as well as a diamond-tipped tail.


Damian was once a graduate student working on his doctorate in astronomy at the University of Mordentshire. While posted to an observatory tower as part of his studies, he saw something in the night sky that seemed… off somehow. The unusual sight haunted his dreams, but he couldn’t find it again. Damian’s frustration grew, and despite his fear he craved seeing the strange wandering star again since it would carve his name in the annals of academia. When he found it again, it was to his sorrow.

The sights Damian saw in the Hellstar are seared into his mind, tormenting him both asleep and awake. He soon began to physically mutate, his body twisting into something alien and unwholesome, and the whispers in his mind opened his psyche to a sort of power he neither wanted nor knows how to refuse. Damian deeply fears what he is becoming and seeks a way to become human once more.

Damian refers to the thing that he saw, and which now haunts his nightmares, as the Wandering Hellstar. If it has another name, he would not dare to speak it.

Damian Carlisle

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